Saturday, August 22, 2009


Here is a pair of APC 8 month old jeans that we have done some invisible repair work already on the crotch are a few months back. But this time the jeans were brought to me after the owner was bowling in them and threw a strike and then upon the pins crashing down his favorite APC jeans ripped all the way down. He brought them to me to for us to use as spare fabric but I insured him that we could repair them with our invisible repair method. I took them to our Denim Doctors tailoring team and had them fix the issue and fix other random wear areas that most anyone with raw jeans after the the break in period experiences. The rear pockets had thinned and developed holes, the crotch was completely blown out, and the front pocket wore though from his cell phone. Here are the before and after pics of the work that we did.

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